Random assumption

Jika x adalah ekspektasi dan y adalah kenyataan,
n = y – x
di mana, n adalah gap atau selisih antara ekspektasi dan kenyataan.
jika n ≥ 0 maka n menjadi kepuasan, dan jika n < 0 maka n menjadi ketidakpuasan atau kekecewaan.

dengan asumsi bahwa secara umum kita tidak bisa mengontrol variabel y, maka satu-satunya cara untuk membuat n ≥ 0 adalah dengan cara menurunkan nilai variabel x yaitu ekspektasi sehingga kita akan terhindar dari kekecewaan.

Kita? Elo aja kali Ra…

*minggat sebelum dibantai ahli matematika semacam Maridjo*

#163 itikkecil and a note to the home wrecker

After all your overzealous effort to steal someone’s partner/spouse, you are officially become her/his partner/spouse. Congratulation! You and her/him both deserve each other. no, I don’t put all the blame on you because I always believe that it takes two to tango. And, she/he is as guilty as you are. And a coward, because every cheaters are  cowards since they run from their problems instead of solving the problems itself. But, who am I to judge you, anyway?

But, does Yayuk Suseno’s name ring a bell to you? If you don’t know her, she was so-called celebrity who shares her marriage problems to the so-called infotainment. She claimed that a home wrecker destroyed her marriage, and she also claimed that there was a third person on her marriage. Don’t you think it’s funny consider that she already became the third person on her husband and his first wife’s marriage. It’s really funny right?

So, if in the future the same thing happens to you and i believe that it might be happen, because history repeats itself. And if that happens to you, please don’t complain about how unfair life is. Because I will whisper this on your ear : “Yayuk Suseno, remember?”

#71 itikkecil dan telkomsel

Dear Telkomsel,

Selama ini memang hubungan kita baik-baik saja. tapi ada sesuatu yang mengganjal di hati sampai daku hampir memutuskan untuk mengakhiri hubungan ini. Kalau tidak ingat anak nomor yang sudah sekian lama menjadi identitasku, ingin rasanya meninggalkan dirimu demi laki-laki operator lain yang lebih seksi bagus pelayanannya dibandingkan dirimu. Continue reading

#70 itikkecil and her muse

this post asked about how do you find your muse. I have to admit that it’s really difficult for me to post on my blog everyday. But a promise is a promise. I promise to myself that I will post on my blog everyday so I have to keep my promise.

Like Desti dan Kuro comments, I always think that I am the center of the universe :mrgreen: . Therefore please do understand that I always write about myself. and if you read the tittle of this blog : Me, myself and Ira Hairida Yuliani, well it explain everything.

And the answer about that question is : my muse is myself *eh*. But I find the ideas based on my daily life. And, to be honest I don’t care about the reader. I write because I want to write about that not because I thought that it will attract the readers of my blog.

So, how do you find your muse?