Bali : Day 1, 2 and 3

Note : more pictures, less words

day 1 :



Biyung Nana

Biyung Nana

Thanks to Nana, for accompanying me to my hotel

Day 2 :

I went to Inna Grand Beach Hotel to attend the community forum. I want to attend the PLHIV meeting, unfortunately the meeting was only for PLHIV.

So, I decided to see Youth Forum, which was more interesting. the session was held on the Sanur Beach.

youth forum

youth forum

flying fox

flying fox

Day 3 :

I was planning to participate on the sex worker forum. but I was “kicked out” because I’m not the sex worker 😆

sex worker

sex worker

so I joined the women forum. and it was really interesting because we could share with women from other countries about our experiences.

By the way, are you dare to wear this shirt and go to Senayan city?

me? I’m not….

13 thoughts on “Bali : Day 1, 2 and 3

  1. @morishige
    kan bisa aja ngaku… sudah insyaf 😆
    btw, ada juga lo sex worker laki-laki

    gomen ne… duit pas-pasan… unless kalo mau kondom 😆

    *pentung-pentung Jensen*
    I don’t have bikini!!! 👿
    even I don’t have that shirt….
    but, omigod!!! are you planning to wear that shirt?
    Jennie… Jennie… Jennie… You always surprise me….. 😆

  2. touche…
    don’t like to go to senayan city since i felt like i’m coming from the outer space 😯

    just change the text, sist… replace the line with words like; “human trafficking agent”, and then we all are dare to wear the shirt in everywhere 😆

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