sunset at GWK

sunset at GWK

Today I was attending the community forum plenary session. the community forum consists of Women (including lesbian), PLHIV (People living with HIV), youth, MSM (male who have sex with male), inter-faith, Drug User and migrant worker. There are a lot of recommendations. but I think the most controversy issue is when they said that “sex work is work” and that is why they demand the government and the religious leader recognize them as the workers, respect them and not criminalize them. And at the opening ceremony, they also mentioned that issue in front of SBY 😆
I admit that they are also human. but I think, it will be hard for them – not to mention impossible – to achieve their recommendation.

And by the way, the opening ceremony at GWK is awesome. but I hate the facts that too many speech tonight. that’s why I decided to go back to my hotel early.

8 thoughts on “ICAAP Day 1

  1. iya tuh.. bakalan susah dapet pengakuan “sex work is work” itu.. kan juga masih banyak yang bilang kalo Indonesia ini negeri timur yang berbudaya, sopan, tau adat, dsb..

  2. ada dokter nyang berpartisipasi ndak mbak? jadi penasaran saya soal perkembangan antidot dari virus nyang satu ini… siapa tau udah ditemukan obatnya…

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