#51 itikkecil and her rants

Maybe people think that i don’t have any problems in my life. yes, I have problems. a lot of it, but I never tell the world about my problems. maybe people think that I don’t need money, since I never nag about my problems about money, that doesn’t mean that I don’t need money. Yeah, you see me as happy go lucky person and you think that : Oh, she doesn’t need money. let’s take the advantages of her.

the difference between you and me is that I don’t nag to everybody about my money problems nor ask other people to give me money. err… I asked my father but that’s not your problem 👿

And still, it doesn’t mean that you were allowed to take the advantages of me. that you were allowed to deceived me. that you don’t have to pay what you borrow from me. Even if the sum of the money is not significant according to you, but for me, it shows the quality of a person you are. You don’t want to pay your debt, fine with me. but I already know the price of you. your price is the amount of your debt!

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