#49 itikkecil and the past

thousands days have passed us by
and I, I still stay on the same day we met
I still keep our my memories with me
And sometimes, out of sudden I call your name unconsciously
Yet I still wonder, do you remember me?
do you still remember me?
did the thought of me ever crossed your mind?

The funny thing is that I still keep the memories alive
the smile of you
the laugh of you
our silence when we met
a few moment we were together

And suddenly I realize that you never thinking of me
that you don’t even remember me
Are all of these only in my memories?
Are all of these only my imaginations?

And today is the day
for me to forget all about you
for me to move on
a time to move on

4 thoughts on “#49 itikkecil and the past

  1. I know I should not cry because its over mba’e, I should be happy because its happen but somehow in certain kind of situation there is still a piece of me that still miss every little thing about him.

    Need a mixed between a wicked witch and an alchemist to uncast the spell and callibrate the heart and mind #serius #dicari #butuhcepat #eh #lospokus

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