I know maybe I write about this so many times. But I think I have to repeat this once again. Don’t write something you will regret on social media. Even if you hate your in-law very much, please don’t write it on twitter. We don’t want to read that and we don’t want to know.

You have a problem with your boyfriend? Please don’t have a war on twitter or your facebook status. Some people maybe understand but most of them laugh behind your back and maybe enjoy watching the war.

Or like some stupid people do on twitter, call their mothers bitches or bastards. I don’t understand how can somebody do this. Some people may say that happens to the labil teenager. But I think this happens because they don’t respect their parents. Yes, I have to admit that I had an up and down relationship with my mother but I never yell at her or call her names. My mom will kill me for sure. Just kidding :mrgreen: . But one thing for sure, I love her.

So, think before you post something you will regret later. Because once you post it you can’t take your post back. Even you already erase that sometimes the internet keep the record. Scary, isn’t it?

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